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China's modern medical logistics services continue to expand

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As relevant government authorities have successively issued the industry standard of pharmaceutical logistics and the new GSP, in 2013, all drug circulation enterprises continued to increase their investment in logistics construction, and accelerated the development of modern logistics and third-party logistics business.
According to statistics, the number of self-owned distribution centers of directly reported enterprises increased by 8.4% year-on-year, and the warehousing area of self-owned distribution centers increased by 9.9% year-on-year. Some of the latest iot technology and high shelf, PTL (Pickingtolight- electronic label picking system), automatic sorting system and other high-tech products have been widely used.
In addition, a group of large enterprises, represented by China pharmaceutical group corporation, China resources pharmaceutical commercial group corporation, Shanghai pharmaceutical group co., LTD., and kyushu pharmaceutical group co., LTD., have gradually established a nationwide pharmaceutical logistics distribution and distribution network. A number of regional leading enterprises also have the regional logistics center hub and regional distribution center network, and the final 1km drug supply security system has been further improved.
Facing the situation of highly homogeneous competition in the market, drug circulation enterprises have the courage to innovate and actively explore and develop various marketing and service modes. Provide personalized and differentiated services to upstream suppliers and jointly develop the market with them; For the downstream customers, the hospital drug supply chain innovation services, the value-added services, two-dimensional barcode construction, pharmacy cooperation and other modes. At the same time, I have also developed business models such as professional distribution, direct delivery of high-end drugs and deep distribution.
According to statistics, there were 80 wholesalers with third-party pharmaceutical logistics qualification among the directly reported enterprises of national drug distribution in 2013. There are 62 professional pharmaceutical logistics enterprises which have confirmed documents of third-party pharmaceutical logistics business issued by the food and drug regulatory authorities. There are 51 enterprises providing extended logistics services. There are 48 enterprises taking charge of pharmacy. There are 14 enterprises that undertake the peripheral equipment of hospital pharmacy storehouse.
In August 2013, the ministry of commerce organized experts to select 47 pharmaceutical logistics service extension projects with strong representativeness and good effect. As the first model project of pharmaceutical logistics service extension, the project was promoted to the whole industry and guided the development of pharmaceutical logistics service extension to a higher level.
2013 also witnessed the accelerated development of drug e-commerce platform. Some qualified companies use e-commerce platforms to integrate business channels, provide more value-added services to customers in the supply chain, reduce operating costs and improve transaction efficiency, and achieve the common development of online and offline business operations.
By the end of 2013, there were 202 enterprises with Internet trading qualification in China, 85 more than at the end of last year, including 53 B2B(drug trading with other enterprises), 138 B2C(providing drugs to individual consumers) and 11 third-party platforms. Among the directly reported enterprises of drug distribution, there are 53 enterprises that have the qualification certificate of Internet drug trading service. In 2013, the online trading volume exceeded 100 billion yuan, of which the B2B trading volume accounted for over 90%.