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Deepening health reform requires market forces

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With the help of market forces and reform methods, we will mobilize social forces to develop commercial health insurance and form a synergy with basic medical insurance. This will help raise the level of medical security for the general public, meet multi-level health needs, promote the development of the health service industry, expand employment, and promote economic restructuring and improvement of people's livelihood.
Recently held the second session of China's medical reform and the progress of science and technology on top BBS, the participating experts generally believe that health care in China is facing a more heavy burden, the government play a leading role at the same time, should mobilize all social resources and power, bring into full play the function of commercial health insurance in health care, eventually forming the government, society and enterprises such as multi-level medical security system.
With the advent of the aging era and the deepening of medical reform, people's demand for medical consumption grows rapidly, and the health industry has endless business opportunities. However, if there are only doctors and patients in the medical service system, it is easy for market failures to occur. On the one hand, doctors are not only the providers of medical advice, but also the operators and indirect beneficiaries of medical services. On the other hand, commercial insurance is absent from the medical service system, and the medical expense burden of patients is hard to predict and reduce.
Several opinions on accelerating the development of commercial health insurance issued by the general office of the state council proposed to basically establish a modern health insurance service industry with complete market system, abundant product forms and standard operation integrity by 2020. The current medical reform has entered the deep water area, multi-participation is the impetus to advance the reform. Although the coverage rate of China's basic medical insurance has reached more than 95%, the basic medical insurance is not equal to comprehensive medical insurance, let alone providing free medical care for all. After years of trial and error, most developed countries have introduced commercial insurance to share the burden of medical costs. Reverse supervision by insurance companies is also key to reducing medical costs, which can restrain excessive medical behavior to some extent.
"What is not sick, what is not money", this is the ordinary people afraid of illness is a true portrayal, suffering from a serious illness difficult to burden, life in trouble in the case of frequent. Especially for some vulnerable groups, sick can not see in time, the treatment dare not treat in time, afraid of the high medical costs. Investigate its reason, medicare rely on government, cost single source is one of the root cause, and with the aid of the power of the market, with the reform of the ways to mobilize social forces, the development of commercial health insurance, and therefore, the basic medical insurance, helps to raise the level of people health care and meet the demand of multi-level health, promote the development of health services, expanding employment, promoting economic restructuring and improve people's livelihood.
According to statistics, the average annual growth rate of China's commercial health insurance has reached 27% since 2002, exceeding the average growth rate of the national economy and insurance industry, and generally improving the security level of the sick people. In the first three quarters of this year, business health insurance premium income reached 126.036 billion yuan, up 46.97 percent year-on-year. In the future, further deepening of medical reform will require not only the participation of the medical industry, but also the help of market forces to play the role of commercial health insurance. On the other hand, we should enrich commercial health insurance products, increase government purchase of services, and support commercial insurance institutions to participate in the handling of various medical insurance services.